Happy Birthday Periscope, you’re now a year older, and you have already shown the world what you have to offer. And do you know what, this new social media service that live streams what everyone around the world is seeing is still relevant today, as it was when it was first launched.

And why is this?

Well, when Periscope was first launched, there was an abundance of people just getting to know what it was about, offering tips and tricks on using this new platform and many just showing us fridges, kitchen appliances, and silly little things.

But it’s evolved, and it’s more than just fridges and fun. There’s a serious side to Periscope now, and that’s you’ll probably find a Periscoper on the scene of a major breaking news story before the news crews get there; you’ll see behind the scenes stuff from events that TV and radio channels won’t show you, and you’ll also get to see views of places you’d never thought you’d see before.

And it will only continue to evolve – you’ll always get people doing silly scopes and you’ll always get trolls who like to make hurtful comments, but the way we all watch and interact with the social network will change as we find more Periscopers we enjoy watching, and discover new adventures.

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Ian Pinnell

Ian Pinnell is an award winning broadcaster & creative from Oxfordshire. He currently serves as a Trustee for two charities, and Publicity Officer for Radio Cherwell, hospital radio in Oxford.

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