TweetDeck Top Tips

I’ve had an on-off love for TweetDeck, the Twitter owned app that allows you to co-ordinate multiple Twitter accounts, but I’ve grown fond of it again, and have some tips to share.

I use a Mac, and was, up until recently, using the Twitter app from the Mac App store. The downside to this was not being able to schedule any tweets, it lacked any kind of fresh functionality and, importantly for me, hasn’t adapted to the changes the social network has made.

That said, I suspect the native Twitter app for Mac is on the way out, given they also own TweetDeck, and update this regularly.

Let’s crack on with these TweetDeck Tips, you may have not been aware of.

1. Activate ‘Confirmation Step’

We’ve all seen it. Someone has sent a tweet out from a business account, that should have gone from a personal one. TweetDeck have a way to solve this problem (Only on Desktop), and it’s called “Confirmation Step”.

Go into Accounts, then click on the account you’d like to add the confirmation step too. Simply ensure it’s turned on. Then, the next time you write a tweet, you’ll be asked to tick the “Ready to Tweet” box, before you’re able to send it. That should resolve any embarrassing meetings with your boss the next day.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work.

If you’re struggling to keep your Twitter accounts updated, but don’t want to give out the password to just anybody in your business, you can use the “Team @______” to let colleagues use Twitter as your account, without giving them the password. Just give add their Twitter username to the list. They’ll need to use TweetDeck too.

3. Scheduling Works Wonders.

Okay, so this isn’t anything new, but for those new to TweetDeck, you may not realise you can schedule tweets to go out at any time of day/night, even when you’re not there. I usually spend a couple of hours on a Sunday, scheduling Tweets to go out during the week for the accounts I manage. And remember, you don’t need to have TweetDeck or your computer turned on for this to happen.

4. See All Your Accounts, Together

The way you set out your Deck is personal to you, but I’ve got one nifty trick that should allow you to see everything quickly & easily.

Have all your Home tabs first, so you can see what’s happening across your feeds with your followers. Then, have your Notification tabs together; here you’ll see ALL notifications. Then all your Direct Messages together. I have a scheduled tweet tab at the end, just to see what’s due to go out, and to keep an eye on things.

5. You don’t need a Mac.

TweetDeck saves all of your settings, accounts and credentials to all devices. You can use it on Mac OSX and Windows. And, if you’re on a public computer, or a computer without administration rights, use the web version. It all works in the same way, it’s free flowing and works a treat.

Oh, and the web version of TweetDeck shows off the BBC Newsroom at New Broadcasting House on the login screen.


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