Time to move on?

I’ve been volunteering for years and for one organisation in particular, I’ve been giving up my time for the last thirteen years. But now I feel at a crossroads, is it time to move on?

I started volunteering primarily as a ‘foot in the door’ to the radio industry and an opportunity to give back. At the time, we had our local commercial stations with local programmes. I would give up entire days to work on various programmes, attend outside broadcasts and PA’s, all with a view that all of this experience would help get me a foot in the door. In a way, it did. I got a degree in Radio Production, ran my own business and had a stint on a local community station. 

Soon after my degree finished, I went and got myself a job outside of radio, for a bit of money, and went back to volunteer for the same station, putting all my skills and knowledge to good use, to better the charity and ultimately patients.

Fast forward to 2018. I find myself in a state of severe depression and anxiety. The love I had for volunteering for this organisation started to dwindle, interviews for marketing & PR jobs led to nowhere and the efforts I made to improve the charity, to me, felt worthless. 

My day job took an unexpected turn. An opening to a brand new position in the department came up and I grabbed it with both hands. I feel like I’m making more of a difference and enjoying my day job more than ever, in fact, the same enjoyment I got from volunteering many years ago.

So, thirteen years with this particular organisation. I’ve achieved a lot, made some fantastic new friends and met all kinds of people along the way. Though, my overall impression is that it feels rather stale. I feel like only a select few, including myself, have the drive and determination to move things forward. I don’t have this drive, time or determination anymore, I’ve lost the passion. Doing a 2hr show on my own used to be fun, but now I get bored after an hour.u

Is it time for me to move on? Concentrate more on my own life, my day job, my other half? My new job gives me plenty of satisfaction, I’m interested in doing courses relevant to it, all of which will need my time, time which I think the charity has taken enough of over the years.

I want the charity to continue to succeed and provide the service it does, but in reality, i feel like I’ve done all i can. For the charity to succeed, it needs to spend money, change its views on how aspects are run/operated and ultimately be accepting of new, out of the box ideas. My box of ideas are empty, they weren’t accepted.

Thirteen years is a long time, it’s also unlucky for some. But this does feel like the right time to depart and for once, put my own life and career first.

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