The timeline you control (Finally)

Twitter has changed so much over the years, but one of the biggest changes was to the feed, where you were shown ‘top tweets’ before anything else, meaning you often missed out on anything that was up-to-date.

In an update which began rolling out on December 17th, 2018, Twitter have made it easier for you to switch between top tweets and latest tweets – and it’s a function based around a little star.

If you go to your Twitter feed, you’ll see a star icon. Tap this icon and you’ll have the option to switch to either ‘Top Tweets’ or ‘Latest Tweets’ (Depending on what your feed is currently showing). For example, if your feed is displaying the Top Tweets function, you can change it to Latest tweets as pictured below.

You can also easily change your content preferences too, review blocked accounts, muted words etc, all from the star in the top right corner. 

Compared to previous updates and ‘hacks’ that enabled you to see latest tweets first, this new function actually works and gives us, the users, a chance to finally control our own timelines and view the content we want to see.

Other small changes that have appeared on iOS devices (Which I assume will roll out to Android if they haven’t appeared on there already), includes a new function on the main page of anyone’s profile in the top right-hand corner. 

The three dots open up a plethora of actions for the account, ranging from turning off that accounts retweets to blocking and reporting, these functions were not usually easy to get too in the past.

The disadvantage of having the circle in the top right is it encroaches on your cover photo, so for the design focused amongst us, it might be worth revisiting your cover photo and re-aligning, or designing, so this doesn’t cut out any key information, especially if you’re text focused.

Overall, this update certainly gives us more functionality and the ability to control our timeline more. Though, in reality, don’t we just want the old Twitter back, where debate was rife, trolling was almost next to nothing and nearly everyone got along? 

Or do we simply just want an edit function…?

Friday 21st December 2018

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