Six months ago, I became the owner of a Google Pixel 3XL and was thrilled to be joining Team Pixel. In fact, I documented my initial thoughts on Android and Google Pixel, but six months later, I find myself heading back to Apple, it must be the Apple effect.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve switched back to Apple, having raved about Android/Google Pixel for so long. The answer is simple – Apple, just works. Sure, it’s not without its flaws, but it really does, just work.

Apps are updated more regularly than those on Android and there is just a general smoothness to the iOS software, something that I did miss with the Android OS. That’s not to say I disliked the Android OS, there are some aspects of it, including the Always on Display and intuitive personalisation of home screens, that I think Apple could start to introduce on iPhones in the future and they would certainly make nice additions, especially the Always on Display, which is now on Apple Watch Series 5.

It would appear having spent many years with Apple products, they keep drawing me back. In fact, I had left Apple previously to go to ‘the dark side’ after my iPhone 4 switched off and wouldn’t turn on again. 

That little detour saw me joining the Windows OS family with my Nokia Lumia phone. I vividly remember the shop assistant telling me at the time the Windows App store was bare, but this range of phone was up and coming. He was right, the App store was bare – even apps like Facebook, Twitter and Spofity were hard to come by initially – but he was wrong, because Nokia and Windows Phones were discontinued in 2017.

It’s worth pointing out that I never got rid of my MacBook when I brought the ASUS Flip C434 Chormebook. That was a beast of a laptop, but the reliance of needing to do everything online and store everything in the cloud soon took its toll. Apps from the Google Play Store weren’t optimised for Chrome OS, but rather it’s Android counterpart. Someone now has my extremely well-kept Chromebook and I’ve gone back to my MacBook. 

I’ve really gone back to one of my five a day! (That’s an Apple pun, if you didn’t get it).

I’m 100% glad I jumped from Apple to Android and back again. There are things I like about Android and the Pixel range of phones that I’ve documented but leaving gives you greater appreciation of how simple iOS is to use and ultimately how Apple just make everything work to sync seamlessly. 

Now to sort out my iCloud…