Stack em’ up!

Apple released its long awaited iOS 14 update earlier this week. With one of the biggest changes being the ability to have widgets on your home screen, in a variety of sizes and to perform a variety of functions. Apple say the widgets are to provide ‘information only’ and aren’t entirely intuitive (I.e., you can’t […]

Thoughts on the relaunch of Apple Music Radio

Apple Music today relaunched its radio service with the offering of two new stations and a revamped Beats 1, in a move which bolsters its somewhat dwindling radio offering.  I say dwindling, let’s be honest here, when you think of Apple Music, you don’t think of the radio bit, or at least, you don’t think […]

The Apple Effect


Six months ago, I became the owner of a Google Pixel 3XL and was thrilled to be joining Team Pixel. In fact, I documented my initial thoughts on Android and Google Pixel, but six months later, I find myself heading back to Apple, it must be the Apple effect. You’re probably wondering why I’ve switched […]