Apple released its long awaited iOS 14 update earlier this week. With one of the biggest changes being the ability to have widgets on your home screen, in a variety of sizes and to perform a variety of functions.

Apple say the widgets are to provide ‘information only’ and aren’t entirely intuitive (I.e., you can’t control music volume or functions from the widget, it simply opens the app).

One of the cool things you can do with the widgets is stack them together. iOS14 already offers one pre-built with a range of apps in, but you can create your own in any size.

Making your own stack.

Making your own stack is pretty simple. Simply start by placing one of the widgets on your homepage. Then, select another widget, of the same size, and place over the one you’ve already added. You’ve begun creating a stack! Continue until you’ve got the stack you desire.

The stacks work with all available widget sizes, I’ve just chosen to show the small square option.

Removing individual widgets from a stack.

Right now in iOS14 v1, it’s a little tricky to delete a widget, there’s lots of swiping right that has to be done, but you can do it.

My full review of iOS 14, after using it for a week, will follow soon, but hopefully the above guides on creating your own stacks will help you make your phone more personal to you.