Radio isn’t just listening, it’s visual.

The days of simply listening to the radio and getting involved via telephone call or text have long gone. Radio is more than just playing music and sounding good, you’ve got to look good too.

You’ve also got to ensure you’re reaching your audience on the platforms they’re likely to be using, whether that’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, MySpace…, if your audience are using it, you need to target them.

It was really interesting to watch Sky News Raw recently, where Sky allowed access behind the scenes of the newsroom for an entire day, where you could see how things work, dip in on editorial meetings and the like. Who knew they had a dedicated team just for Snapchat and the people who write the visual text on screen, update the SkyNewsBreak Twitter account?

Okay, so the above wasn’t directly related to radio, but in an era where listening habits are changing and the ways we interact with radio are also changing, it’s pertinent in a sense that even small scale community and hospital radio stations need to look at how they can deliver radio, not just in a listening format, but also visually on socials, or via written words on their websites. 

Radio stations, no matter how big or small, have utilised social media and other visuals for years and the content has vastly improved. There are some really good examples from the UK, including this from Chris Moyles on Radio X, these from Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1 and this from Danny & Rosie on Pulse 1

There are also some good examples from the other side of the world, Christian O’Connell’s breakfast show in Melbourne always put short video bursts on their social channels. Sure, the videos may not have any fancy effects, but when you’ve got a backdrop with your branding, who needs that?

It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. Simply having a few cameras in the studio, or filming on your mobile phone with the snazzy camera (in landscape though please) can be just as good. 

One thing radio mustn’t forget though is its origins – we listen to the radio before we do anything else., Visuals and any other elements within the 360 world is an added bonus and connects us more with the brand and, providing you can produce good, exciting and engaging content for your audience both on-air and in-vision or on other platforms, radio will continue to thrive for years to come.

Tuesday 11th February 2019

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