Hospital Broadcasting Assoc.

While Communications Executive at the Hospital Broadcasting Association, I was responsible for overseeing a subtle brand refresh, bringing in new typefaces and colours to help bring brand visibility to member stations across the UK.

Firstly to the associations ‘On-Air’ magazine, which was released quarterly and spotlighted news stories from member stations. While the articles were also accessible via the website, we continued to push a more creative PDF magazine, with bold imagery and typefaces, enabling readers to immerse themselves in the story.

Alongside this, was a rebrand of the HBA’s internal materials, ranging from business cards to letterheads. Having consistency across the brand was vital to enable continued brand visibility and awareness.

The main focus was soon turned to social media. With an ever growing and engaged group of volunteers on a private HBA Community group on Facebook, to a large reach on what was then Twitter and a Facebook page collectively, the rebrand extended to this space, again ensuring brand continuity from the website, magazine and social experience. In essence, you’d start to begin to recognise the typeface, colour and graphical styles and when scrolling through your feeds at a glance think ‘that’s a HBA post’.

Project Details

  • Hospital Broadcasting Association

  • Website

  • 2013-2023

While Communications Executive at the Hospital Broadcasting Association, I oversaw all aspects of marketing and communications activity.

Areas Covered