Cardiac Tech

Cardiac Tech is a MedTech company with plans to create a new safety paradigm in temporary pacing. The company’s technology is anticipated to substantially improve patient outcome and mortality post-cardiac surgery.

Having received backing from venture builders Start Codon, the company is focussed on developing its technology to deliver a new standard in patient care.

Founder and Inventor Dan Meese was looking for a simple website to help outline the company’s work, which could grow as the business grows.

A simple one-page website design followed, ensuring the user interface was easy to navigate, while detailing just the right amount of information about the product, its founders and key stats. While the bulk of the website remained on one page, the small build at the beginning actually has a secondary page, outlining what temporary pacing is, their product and key facts and figures from studies and surveys.

The website was designed in such a way that it can continue to grow as their business grows and I wish them every success with their product and business going forward.

Project Details

Website design and UI design for MedTech start-up Cardiac Tech.