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Pinnell’s Brief: HBA Roadshow

Once a marketing or promotional project is complete, I like to share with you the thoughts and ideas behind it. Here, we look at the marketing for the #HBARoadshow.

Promote the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA) Roadshow to volunteers of it’s member stations, using a variety of platforms.

Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)
Email Newsletters

Graphics/Marketing Material:

HBA Roadshow Logo

HBA Roadshow Save The Date (600x600px) – Social Media & Mailshot Graphic

Limited Places Graphic (620x800px) – Social Media & Website Banner Graphic

The Outcome:
With just under a month to promote the HBA’s inaugural #HBARoadshow, Sam (Communications Assistant) & I created a series of images to entice people to attend the Roadshow in Hillingdon, London.

The HBA Roadshow logo was born out of this. An image of a mixing desk masked with the word Roadshow. Quite apt for Hospital Radio. Similarly, this was then used across all promotional graphics relating to the roadshow both in images and on emails.

We sent two national mail shots to members of the HBA, one was the national Save The Date, whilst the other was a reminder, which also included information on where to stay and transport links. We then focused our attention onto a 100 mile radius of HBA member stations outside of London/Hillingdon and sent these stations a more personalised email (Including stations within London).

On Facebook, all graphics relating to the roadshow reached a combined total of approximately 9,000 views, whilst the associated emails were opened by almost all of those registered to the HBA website.

The roadshow was a success and following on from the designs of this event, we’ve got graphics and marketing in place ready for the next roadshow, to keep the Roadshow brand consistent throughout the year.

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