One of the biggest talent shows in the world has showcased some great, awful and unusual talent over the last 11 years, and continues to do so this week. It is of course, Britain’s Got Talent.

We’ve watched a robot from Gloucester do some singing, a bloke attempting to break a world record for balloon modelling and someone doing impressions of singers. But out of all the acts we’ve seen this week, regardless of them getting into the finals or not, these have been my favourite acts from the BGT Semi Finals. (And in no particular order)

Paws With Soul – Dancers

I’m not sure what it is, but I wish I could pull off the dance moves these guys, er, animals, can. For me, it’s the music and the routine that do it for me, plus the enigmas that they are – remember, they’ve not actually revealed their faces behind the masks yet. To us, they’re just cats, dog and a mouse, pulling some seriously awesome dance moves.

Ned Woodman #Savage – Comedian

So what if someone writes his jokes for him? I mean, that’s what most people think. For an eight year old, he delivers his performance with such confidence. His tongue in cheek style towards the judges, Ant & Dec, and the show in general really made me laugh. He’s actually made it through to the finals. He’ll go far.

Issy Simpson, Magician

Another kid with character. Although the performance may have been a bit long winded, she’s clearly holding her own on that stage. She’s got the audience, the judges, and us watching at home watching, waiting, to see what happens next. And did you see her tears of joy, finding out she’d made it through to the final? Bless her!

Daliso Chaponda, Comedian

This guy, he’s a close to the edge comedian. He’s funny, he takes topics we’d be afraid to talk about, and pokes fun at them, but raises the attention of the subject in hand. He’s hilarious, and I think he’s got a good future ahead of him.

Matt Edwards, Magician, Comedy

He’s a little like marmite, you either love him, or hate him. I quite like him, although felt his set took forever to get to the punchline in the semi finals. Although, he’s such a fun personality, he’s portrayed many styles of comedy throughout his performance, and he too has made it into the final.

Jonny Awsum, Comedian

Okay, it took forever for this act to actually get going, and I think I preferred his audition, but you can’t help but sing along to this act! Great use for David Walliams. And if there’s any song I’d rather have stuck in my head, it’s The Triangle Song, rather than Hoop Guy

The Pensionalities – Singers. 

These guys are PERFECT for the Royal Variety Performance. They show us all that friendships last a lifetime. In fact, I was speaking to a friend about their performance today, she thought it was a Girls Aloud Cover, but of course, we all know they were covering History by One Direction. They’re through to the finals, and gosh, I hope they win, or at least have something on the Royal Variety bill.

Ian Pinnell

Ian Pinnell is an award winning broadcaster & creative from Oxfordshire. He currently serves as a Trustee for two charities, and Publicity Officer for Radio Cherwell, hospital radio in Oxford.

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