Ian Pinnell

A Healthcare Science Assistant specialising in Cardiac Rhythm Management within Cardiac Physiology, based in Oxford.

experienced healthcare science assistant


I am competent at undertaking ECGs on a range of patients from paediatrics to adults and recognising rhythms.

Ambulatory Monitoring

From fitting 24/48 hour Evo monitors, to 5 day LifeCards and 10 day Cardiomemo's, I am experienced in fitting ambulatory monitors.

Exercise Treadmill Tests

I help Cardiac Physiologists run ETT's as a second person. I am able to operate the machine and assist with patients needs during the test.

CRM Remote Monitoring

I am capable at managing remote monitoring databases, answering technical queries and explaining how it all works to patients.

Nuclear Cardiology

I explain the procedure to the patients, ensure they are on the scanner in a timely manner and process their images accordingly.


From heights, weights, to blood pressures and Sp02, I am able to perform observations on patients in an outpatient setting.

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