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From healthcare to digital innovations & communication, I'm sharing my knowledge

I’ve been asked to speak at various events and join various panel sessions on an array of topics, including remote monitoring, digital innovation and media discussions.

I joined colleagues to offer an update on my experiences with Remote Monitoring during the Coronavirus pandemic for other Trusts and departments across the UK.

I presented part of the BHRS Physiologist Session: Remote Monitoring – Service Development Session for Heart Rhythm Congress 2021, where I highlighted important aspects about administration and technical support for patients in remote monitoring settings.

I joined the panel for The Hill Oxford’s social mixer, a discussion about innovations in home monitoring. I shared my experiences of monitoring device patients long-term and my thoughts of the future of remote monitoring in healthcare and how it can benefit both patients and clinicians.

I shared tips and tricks on how to get the most use of the popular social media channels at the time (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and how to use analytics and sponsored posts/advertising to further aid charities.

I shared insights to delegates on how to produce effective communications through new digital channels and avenues, including newsletters, social media and online magazines.


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