Looking after devices with remote tech

Working as a Healthcare Science Associate in Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM), I manage the departments Remote Monitoring databases, scheduling patient transmissions, triaging ECG rhythms for the physiologists and being the first point of contact for patients, consultants and physiologists for the Remote Monitoring service, working closely with the Remote Monitoring Service Lead.

Elsewhere within the Cardiac Physiology team, I am able to perform ECGs, fit ambulatory monitors to patients, help run Exercise Treadmill Tests, take observations (Height, weight, BP etc), perform magnet checks on newly implanted pacemaker patients. I also work within Nuclear Cardiology, where I advise the patients on what the procedure entails, operate the camera and process the images as they come through.

Here's a little bit more about my work in the NHS

SCST Certificate in Electrocardiography (2019)

SCST Practical Award in Electrocardiography (2019)

My career in the NHS began in 2011 as a Clinic Prep Assistant. In 2015, I joined the Cardiology team as an Outpatient Supervisor, then became an administrator for the service.

I love technology and I love seeing how technology can be used in the NHS to help patients. 

As we move to a more digital world, technology is changing the way the NHS can treat patients, as well as change how patients can access healthcare services.