Genuinely Laughable

The BRITs took place last night; and as with any major music event, social media was rife with comment. A tweet I sent has spiralled somewhat out of control.

This isn’t a music review. But I do need to give a brief overview of what made me, and many other users, tweet about a possible hacking of The 1975s set during the BRIT Awards last night (Wednesday 22nd February 2017).

It’s all pretty normal, a few people have won awards, then The 1975 make their way to the stage and start performing their hit The Sound. I wasn’t actually engaged that much with the performance, nor the BRITs at that stage, but glancing over every now and again, white words on a pink background appear, seemingly badmouthing the bands performance. I did think something had gone astray, so took to Twitter to share my thoughts.

Now, it turns out those words on the pink background actually appear in the video to that same song they performed on stage. So thankfully, ITV nor the BRITs production were hacked. I mean, who has the power to do that anyway?

Needless to say, by the point I had watched the actual video, my original tweet (above), had gained some traction. About thirty likes, ten retweets. I put out another tweet, ensuring everyone it was all part of the performance.

But alas, once you’ve said something on Twitter, especially during a big night like the BRITs, everyone ignores any follow up tweets you may send, and continues to reply, share and interact with the original tweet!

Needless to say, I’ve not deleted the original tweet. I’m not a fan of the band, but that tweet has most certainly been my most popular if these figures are anything to go by.

The above figures taken at 16:30 on 23/2/2017. 

Of course, die hard fans of the 1975 have been in touch, some just advising me it was part of the act, others literally tweeting me with anger, name calling, swearing, you know, those kinds of tweets. I’ve replied to each and every one accordingly; and by and large once I’ve re-explained myself directly, everyone’s happy.

I wasn’t expecting my little tweet to gain such traction, and regardless of the kind of engagement, I find it exciting that people are STILL interacting with the tweet.

I have to laugh though, I wasn’t the only one to think something had gone wrong, I bet you reading this, thought the same. But hey, I bet The 1975 are having a laugh at all of this, because I know I am.

So let me end by saying this – I’m fully aware it was now part of the act – but thank you for all of the laughs, even if it was at my expense. Twitter, you’re great.

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