Facebook Advertising – Get it right!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been finding myself marking heaps of Facebook adverts that have appeared in my newsfeed as irrelevant, because 95% of the ads I’ve seen haven’t actually been for my area.

The issue isn’t my settings on my profile, I’ve triple checked them. In fact, the issue surrounds the businesses who are paying money to get their adverts out, not using the right criteria. 

Let’s take Café Central Carlisle as an example. I’m sure it’s a really nice café, located in central Carlisle. The problem is, I live in Oxford, hundreds of miles away. So why does this appear in my newsfeed?

That’s right, they want to reach people aged 18 and older who live in England.Now, we all know England is a pretty big place and I have no intentions of visiting Carlisle. 

If your business covers the whole of England, great, use the entire country, but there is a really basic setting you can use when creating promoted ads, boosted posts etc, that can really target people within your local area.

Take a look at this screenshot:

Facebook advertising

You can add different locations – counties, cities, as well as having general United Kingdom, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland. By selecting specific counties and cities, you are more likely to reach local consumers or customers who are likely to try your business or service.

This really basic, simple change in location when you create your ads will ensure you’re targeting those in your specific area, instead of covering the whole country, where most people probably won’t be interested.

You’ll also find that the money you spend on Facebook advertising is more worthwhile if you go through the process carefully and pay attention to the finer details, not only the location, but age range and gender. The more you define your audience, the more likely you are to get those additional ‘likes’ or interactions. Similarly, you could run multiple graphic ads and really hone in on different audiences and areas – it would cost you a little extra, but hopefully for added business benefit.

Facebook advertising has changed over the years and subsequently, you have more control in how you advertise your products and services. Get it right, it’ll work wonders. Get it wrong, you’ll get people like me marking them as irrelevant.

Sunday 10th February 2019