Don’t forget your own design identity

Believe it or not, despite the many times I’ve re-designed my website over the years, sometimes quite a lot in a matter of weeks, I do actually spend most of my time designing content and marketing materials for charity and other clients.

I’m in a quandary that I’m sure other designers fall into the trap of – which is we spend so much time working on design projects for clients and others that we actually forget to look after our own.

So I wanted to delve a little deeper into my design and website designs I’ve made for myself in the past, notably where my love for the HEX code 660066 (Pantone 2356 C) stems from and where I’m at now in my thoughts with my own design identity. 

Roll back to 2008 where I had a trainee designer at a logo design firm in Gloucestershire work on a logo for my then business, Pinnell Productions, which I started whilst studying at University.

Pinnell Productions logo, circa 2008.

That, right there, the purple, the grey, the black. It’s stuck with me forever. I’d go as far as saying that purple is my favourite colour and I think most variations of purple work so well with grey.

Whilst I design lots of colourful graphics, documents and websites for others, I like my own design style to be quite minimalistic. The idea being it can tick over whilst I concentrate on designing for others and any amendments I want to make to my own website, can be made quickly and efficiently.

I feel like I’m finally there with my website. I’ve been through many concepts and designs – one pagers, bright bold colours and a different range of fonts, images… you name it, it’s been incorporated into my design.

This incarnation of my website is light, bright and visual. It’s mobile friendly, easy to navigate and not too cluttered. I feel my fonts represent my personality and the purple and grey colour scheme work well together, a nod to my former business. It’s those colours that I’ve kept with since 2008 and it’s a combination I really enjoy.

There will always be tweaks to be made, as my services expand and as I assess what works well and doesn’t, but I hope you’ll enjoy the refreshed website experience.

One final throwback…

I used to design websites using Moonfruit. This design of my website on the platform back then won an award. I worked with the team at Moonfruit at the time to explain the different third party elements of my website and how they worked, enabling other Moonfruit users to access these widgets for their respective sites.

Site of the Day winner, 2013 with Moonfruit.

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