Ditching likes for debate

In a bid to promote healthy conversation on social media, social network Twitter has reportedly planning to remove “likes” from the platform.

In a tweet, the Twitter Communications team put their network to good use, saying they’re rethinking everything about the service, including the aforementioned like button.

Let’s not forget the heart shaped like button used to be a star, followed by a favourite. The way we utilise this small button has changed over the past three years and by the same token, the ability to have a debate on the social network has partially diminished, given if you like, or favour a tweet, you can simply hit that heart and share no other comment, if you so wish.

There are many uses for the heart shaped like button. Many folks use it as a bookmark; they’ve seen a tweet with a good link and don’t have time to read it, so they like it to review later. Others simply use it as a way of giving appreciation to the tweet, account holder or those mentioned in the tweet, or an event.

However, there is detriment to this. We’re so focused on our social media channels on being recognised, that some crave likes as acknowledgement that their tweet has been seen, or they are being listened too. In reality, social media shouldn’t work like that, because no matter what you post on Twitter, regardless of if someone has interacted with the tweet, it will still be viewed (depending on your privacy settings) and will have an impact, albeit a silent one.

Twitter used to be a great place for debate and, in a sense, it still is. But removing the like button will enhance the debate. People will actually have to comment and say what they think, instead of hiding behind one small button.

It will be interesting to see what other changes Twitter have planned, hopefully plans in the pipeline that will differentiate it from rivals such as Instagram and Facebook (Who stillhaven’t given us a dislike button!).

By the way, if you’d like to bookmark a tweet for a later read, avoid the likes by clicking the share icon next to the heart and save the tweet to your bookmarks from there.


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I jest, you don’t have too.


Tuesday 30th October 2018


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