Digital tech and creativity 👨🏼‍💻

I have a passion for technology, whether it’s the latest Apple product or an innovative way technology helps patients, with an added sparkle of creativity too.

Technology is one of my passions, both from a general ‘how can I use this in my own home’ process but also alongside my work, how it can benefit patients in the wider healthcare environment.

I’ve written about healthcare being in the palm of your hand; how Alexa is able to give you a diagnosis  and my own role in the NHS which centres around technology and apps.

I’m a big fan of the Apple ecosystem and have even dabbled in Android.

Creatively, I lead on Comms and PR for a national charity and help other organisations with their websites, marketing and design.

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I’m a Digital Innovation Ambassador for The Hill Oxford, where I, along with 25 others, aim to facilitate the adoption of digital innovation within Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 

I lead on the organisations Communications and PR, implementing both internal and external communication materials to over 160 member stations and hundreds of volunteers from across the UK.

I work with the SCST to ensure their website is up-to-date with the latest content, along with updating their social media channels.


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The Hill, Oxford

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