A week with iOS14 – My thoughts

Over a week ago, Apple launched it’s highly anticipated iOS14 to the general public and after what seemed like a huge delay in this appearing in software updates around the world, I managed to download and install the software on my device in around 40 minutes.  There are a plethora of new features on iOS14, […]

Stack em’ up!

Apple released its long awaited iOS 14 update earlier this week. With one of the biggest changes being the ability to have widgets on your home screen, in a variety of sizes and to perform a variety of functions. Apple say the widgets are to provide ‘information only’ and aren’t entirely intuitive (I.e., you can’t […]

I take it all back, you do need an Apple Watch.

Six years ago, back in 2014, I wrote a status on Facebook that pretty much said “if you’ve got an iPhone, you don’t need an Apple Watch”. Presumably because, back then, the Apple Watch looked limited in what it could do, meaning you could do more on your iPhone at the time. Fast forward to […]