Boosting Your Awards Win

Awards season is upon us, at least for parts of the media industry at least. You get yourself ready for the night, but have you prepared yourself for what you’ll do if you win and how you should publicise this, if you need too?

To keep the momentum going once the ceremony is over, you want to shout about your win for at the week or two after, sending details of your announcement to as many people as possible. With so many ways to communicate these days, you should concentrate on three core mediums:

  1. Your local paper and their other subtitles.
  2. Your local radio station and television news.
  3. Your own social media channels and websites.

Below are some of my tips – they’re pretty obvious, but it’s about the pre-planning and thinking of what suits which outlet.

Stop Press, All Press!
Have a press release handy and good to go, send it to as many organisations as you can, tailoring the wording, style and content to fit that particular organisation. For example, if you were named Best Presenter, you’d write a bit of background about your station and yourself for your local paper, whilst giving an insight into how people can volunteer. For an industry website such as RadioToday, you may want to consider omitting how people can volunteer for the station and focus more on the win and the station in general, giving your contact information for follow up questions and contacts.

And it just doesn’t stop at press releases. This now encompasses your social channels; digital media as well as traditional print. Send details anywhere you can. If it’s tailored correctly, chances are those you’re sending it too will use it, or contact you for more information.

Get Social.
You’ve spent the night tweeting about your win, answering the replies as they come in, seeing your interactions go up and up. You’ll soon notice these dwindle after a while. To keep the momentum going, use your social media channels to focus on the win – if you see the press release you’ve written being used on websites, share it on your own social channels. This can be overkill though, don’t bombard your followers. Equally and in the context of fairness, share other award winners tweets from the night, after all, the more a hashtag is shared for example, the more it becomes a trend and your posts get noticed. Be social savvy, know when and how often to post about your win. And when the ceremony comes around the same time next year, look back on your win – if you’re going for a different category or the same one, it’s a good steer to get people’s attention.

Send something out even if you were only nominated.
It’s not always about the winning. Simply being nominated in a category can spark a press release and is worthy of some promotion. When the hospital radio station I volunteer for was nominated in categories at the National Hospital Radio awards, our local Trust used our press release in their magazine, whilst the local paper ran with a small side story. It still gets your name out there.

Get quotes, quick!
Make sure you have quotes from members of your team lined up ready to put in your press release or on social media. Equally, make sure someone is readily available within the proceeding days after your award win to be the main point of contact for quotes and general media enquiries. This person or persons can then give a clear direction to all of your media enquiries and ensure the messages you want to say about your win or nomination are on point. It should also avoid discrepancies too.

Enjoy the moment.
By far the most important thing to do is enjoy the moment. Enjoy the atmosphere of the ceremony you’re at, make the most of making new friends and potential new contacts. Share stories, ideas and take home pride in your entry, in your organisation and in yourself.

You’ve put effort into your entry and the same amount of effort should be put into the publicity surrounding your win or nomination. It’s good PR for you and your organisation. You’ll send information to lots of organisations and they’ll either acknowledge receipt and follow it up, or do nothing at all. Don’t be disheartened by this.

Enjoy the moment and good luck!

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