Bold refresh for Cadbury Chocolate

When you think of Cadbury, you automatically think of Dairy Milk, the Milk Tray man and if it’s Easter, Creme and Mini Eggs. Not only is the chocolate delicious for the most part, you often associate Cadbury with old style curved fonts and the iconic ‘glass and a half’ logo. It’s a treat and has been for generations.

Everything you know about the look of the chocolatiers main Dairy Milk brand has had an uplift, which I think makes it look more attractive on shop shelves and finally encompasses the fun brand Cadbury is turning out to be.

The new identity, designed by design agency Bulletproof, claims to celebrate ‘the brands inherent goodness and generous spirit with a modern twist’

Here’s a comparison between DairyMilk of old, compared to the new style which is rolling out across the UK in the first half of 2021.

The most striking change is the typography used on the name of the bar. It’s bold, it’s playful (look at the flick of the K in Milk), it stands out. This bold and playful approach inherits Cadbury’s spirit of being loved by all age ranges. Its relatable to the young, its recognisable to the older generation. 

The purple isn’t as bright as the old style, but it’s a subtle hint to the chocolatiers past. In fact, if you look closely at the new packaging, you’ll see the classic ‘glass and a half’ logo with the old ‘Cadbury’ logo and the established date. It’s subtle, but really is a nice touch.

Keeping with the classic elements, some have been brought to the forefront and adjusted slightly. The word ‘Cadbury’ embezzled in gold writing is derived from the original in 1905 and the ‘glass and a half’ logo now links with the square of chocolate in each pack. I’ll be honest, having the milk go into the square of chocolate makes more sense than having a chocolate milk bottle tip on it’s side. Another visual representation that this chocolate bar does actually contain milk chocolate.

All variations of Dairy Milk have had a refresh and I particularly like the use of crumbs, nuts, oozing caramel, to represent whichever version of the chocolate bar is inside. Look closely and you’ll see embroiled on the packaging the outline of Cadbury from previous years.

Variations of Cadbury’s chocolate with new branding applied, designed by Bulletproof.

It’s a nice refresh from a British chocolate brand steeped in so much history. Given Cadbury have a lot of different variations of their Dairy Milk bar, including Marvellous Creations & Oreo, this new design is certainly more transferable across the board and along with the combinations, a showcase that Cadbury isn’t just about the plain milk chocolate anymore, it’s about fun flavours, engaging marketing and encapsulating the fun in a bar of chocolate that you can enjoy, no matter your age.