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I post regularly about technology, my work in healthcare, transport, charity, life and everything in between. 


Fossil Watch Sport Review

It’s been a couple of weeks since I purchased the Fossil Watch Sport smartwatch which I would put down as the Android equivalent of the Apple Watch. My comparison will

Charity & Trustee

How Volunteering has Changed

I’ve been volunteering since 2006 and as we begin a new decade its clear to see the volunteer sector in the UK has changed, both in terms of the time


Buying new tech – what to look for.

I’ve brought quite a bit of new technology over the last couple of months as I move from one tech giant to another. The transition in terms of exporting contacts,


A week with Chromebook

I’ve been a Mac user for many years, in fact, for the last decade, but over the last couple of months, I’ve found myself moving across more to what some


Going Google

I’ve been using Apple products for as long as I can remember, except from a brief affair with a Nokia Lumia running the Windows Phone OS when it was relatively


Moving from iOS to Android

Five days into my new Android adventures and I’m slowly getting used to the UI and little quirks. The Play Store takes a bit more navigating when compared to Apple’s

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