Accidental Horizontal Swipe

Popular social network site Instagram accidentally revealed what could be a potential change coming up on the social network within the next year.

On Thursday 27th December 2018, Instagram users on iOS and Android were treated to a new way to scroll between photos on the app. In what was an accidental release of a ‘test’, according to the team behind Instagram, the release gave users the ability to swipe to the right to view photographs that would usually appear below one another in a users feed.

I got the chance to have a look at this accidental release and have to say it was refreshing having images shown larger, though the swiping ability seemed to lag and it was quite difficult to navigate between different photographs from different users, especially if a user had uploaded multiple photos to the same post.

As you can see from my video above, the sponsored advertisements which subtly make an appearance in the current app become more prominent, a move which will greatly please advertisers around the world, given their ads (both static and moving) will suddenly gain more exposure to the eye.

Instagram were quick to tell sites like TechCrunch that this was simply a “bug” and was only around for approximately 10 minutes. They say they’re still testing this feature with their own teams under the “Explore” tab, though, if you ask me, this could be an upcoming permanent change to the social network from 2019, which many users will have to undoubtedly get used too, or leave.

If this change does happen, it’ll be the biggest front-facing UI change to Instagram and the app in its entire history.

Thursday 27th December 2018

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