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What Do You Do?

Often I’ll get asked “What exactly do you do?”, and I’ll often respond with a brief answer. So I thought I would take the opportunity to go into a bit of detail into some of my work.

And we’ll start with my role for the Hospital Broadcasting Association (HBA), where I’m not only a Trustee, I’m also the organisations Communications Executive.

The HBA is a national charity that represents over 200 hospital radio stations in the UK. We offer support, training, advice, member benefits (discounts etc) and our Annual Conference and National Hospital Radio Awards.

My role within the HBA requires me to liaise with the HBA’s own volunteers, trustees and executives, as well as stakeholders, member stations (and their volunteers) and keep them informed of the association’s developments.

I also communicate externally to the media and wider public any changes within the organisation, new services we provide as well as manage any stories that come out of hospital radio that may make its way to the national press. I also have to serve as the association’s spokesperson to the media and general public, should the need arise.

There are other elements to the role too, which include producing marketing material across traditional print media, digital and social media to help promote HBA events to our member stations and the wider public.

We recently completed a marketing campaign to help publicise the inaugural HBA Roadshow with some impressive results and a reach of over 9,000 on social media. And I’ve just started to work on designing the graphics for the Annual Conference and National Hospital Radio awards for 2018. This is probably one of the biggest marketing campaigns and will certainly require marketing on all types of print and digital platforms.

The role effectively covers all aspects of marketing and communication including, but not limited too:

  • Graphic Design
  • Press Releases
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Print Media
  • Digital Media

There’s also so much that goes on behind the scenes, including working on strategies, evaluating campaigns once they’ve been completed and ensuring branding guidelines are being adhered too. I also edit the association’s quarterly magazine, On Air.

It can sometimes be a challenging job but equally it’s super fun to be able to lead the way on marketing, press and communication, spreading the good work that hospital radio does across the country.

I also look after the Marketing & Publicity for Radio Cherwell, Oxford’s Hospital Radio Station. More about that in a forthcoming blog post soon.


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