an300I began volunteering after seeing an advert asking for volunteers to join the local hospital radio station, Radio Cherwell. That was back in 2006, and I’m still actively involved in volunteering to this day.

I currently serve as the stations Programme Controller, ensuring our output is in keeping with what our audience expects of us, ensuring it is kept professional at all times, whilst understanding that we are in a unique situation where we can actually visit our listeners and speak to them on a personal level, where other stations can’t.

Since starting out in 2006, I have presented countless shows and have held numerous responsibilities in a volunteering capacity. I currently sit on the stations Committee and am one of the stations Trustees, the youngest Trustee they currently have.

I started volunteering with a view of it being a ‘foot in the door’ into commercial broadcasting, and to some extent, it has been a foot in the door to many opportunities.

Why do I keep volunteering for Radio Cherwell? – Because I personally enjoy giving back; being able to converse with your audience almost on a one-to-one basis, and to literally make someone smile, this someone may have had an awful day, received some bad news – even if it’s just for the time you’re there chatting at their bedside, or playing their song on the radio; there’s no greater satisfaction than knowing you’re probably making someone’s day.

I’m also involved in volunteering on a national level, again with broadcasting.

I am the Editor of the Hospital Broadcasting Association’s On Air Magazine, a national magazine distributed to hospital radio stations across the UK. There’s more about that here.