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You go to a radio station website. You expect to find a nice big “listen live” button and content that’s relevant to the stations target audience. Or at least, that’s what I thought.

I’m not going to name and shame these websites, but some I’ve visited today, I think, could really do with some thinking behind their content. So if you’re running a radio station website, here are the top 5 things to consider.

1. Your Audience
Are your pages and posts really hitting your target audience? Listeners don’t care for the technical information relating to your transmitter or studios. Think about your target audience. If they’re on a desktop computer, they’ll want a prominent listen button, likewise for mobile. They’ll most likely want news, whether serious or entertainment. Engage with your audience, find out what makes them tick, and post appropriate content.

2. Appropriate Content
Majorly linked in with thinking about your audience. Think about what they’re after. What are you talking about on air that could translate into pages on your website? Do you find you’re broadcasting to men who enjoy football; or to women who listen in the office during the day? Sure, you’ve got this right for your on air output, and that should be the basis for what you base your website on – don’t let this dwindle.

3. Keep It Updated
One website in particular has two news stories – one from 2012 & one from 2013. Then jumps straight to 2017. This looks awful and really unprofessional, especially when tagged under ‘Local News’. Did nothing happen in your TSA during 2014, 2015 or 2016? Just remove the stories from 2012 and keep it current for 2017. You’re not doing yourself any favours keeping outdated articles like that online.

Also, keeping your website fresh and up-to-date with news stories and other content is a great drive to encourage more visitors to your website, and in turn listen to your station. In the age of “digital”, this is your shop window. Forget your fancy studios, only you see them everyday. Your social media, website and digital content are your shop window now.

4. Make it Mobile Friendly
Now, I have to say our radio station website isn’t mobile friendly, yet. But we’re addressing this by way of a completely new design and better CMS. Many websites, not just radio stations, are STILL not mobile friendly. How can this be? This article from The Telegraph in 2016 highlights the trends of people visiting desktop sites on mobile devices. Content Management Systems like WordPress automatically put your website into a nice mobile friendly mode when it detects a user is using a tablet or smartphone device. Try it on this site right now.

5. Audience & Relevance
Use all of these points and always keep in mind the relevance; to your audience; on air content; TSA. Don’t think just because you’re a small outfit, no one visits your website, or no one cares. Because people really do, and as I say, this is your shop window to the world, the gateway to your station, to your already awesome on air content.

Don’t skimp on your website, let it have its full potential.

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