Brands often have a refresh every now and again and although I don’t consider myself a brand (I’m just a mere person who does a lot of marketing and design work), I decided it was time to bring things back to basics.

You’ll notice that this site is not only mobile friendly (technology tick); it’s also more personal and more in the style of a blog, which is for good reason.

I’m going to use this website to share news with you regarding my work, giving you an insight into projects I’m working on, as well as helpful hints and tips relating to marketing; communication; social media and design.

I’ll also give my views and opinions on all things marketing & media, sharing my favourite campaigns, and my not so favourite! You’ll also be able to find out more about my work in the world of radio.

I’m not going to promise to blog every week – but this will be updated regularly, evermore then before.

So, I hope you enjoy perusing the new site and if I can be of any help to you or your team with your next creative project, give me a shout.


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