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I’m occasionally asked what my roles in publicity & marketing entail, and as I’m feeling rather creative, I thought I’d post a bit about what I do, along with images shared from social media. 

I’ve been involved with Radio Cherwell for over 10 years and although you’ll hear me on the air occasionally, you’ll often find me behind my desk at home working on the latest publicity & marketing material, or across the wards at the hospitals the radio station serves ensuring our publicity is up to scratch.

So what does being a Publicity Officer for Radio Cherwell involve? Well, two things, working on both internal and external publicity.

Our internal publicity includes communication between our members. We release a regular newsletter for our members, titled TalkBack. (Nice name eh?). It details station wide news, programme news and important information our members need to know. It’s striking cover image and clear design throughout make it an enjoyable read, much better than just a bog standard email.

Our external publicity comes in the form of press releases to local media about events, major station news etc, as well as ensuring we are clearly visible across all the hospitals we serve, by way of distributing our magazines and listening news across the wards and pull up banners and posters in public areas. Social media presence is becoming a big thing for the station too, and I ensure we’re interacting with our audience, Trust and local community on social media sites like Facebook & Twitter regularly.

I’ve only been in the Publicity Officer’s role since September 2016, but already I think we’ve made a huge impact, and will continue to do so as the years go on, especially as we as a station are celebrating our 50th birthday this year.

You’ll also find me behind the computer editing the Hospital Broadcasting Association’s On Air magazine, released digitally on a quarterly basis. The magazine aims to highlight the good and great of hospital radio, and stories are usually submitted direct via email or the online form by the association’s website.

I’m responsible for curating the stories, ensuring relevant stories are placed in the magazines. This means some may be omitted, but with good reason. They won’t be forgotten about, but published on more relevant places within the HBA’s Communication portfolio, including the members newsletter, edited by my colleague Sam Smette, or the HBA website. It’s one of the challenges I face whenever I put the magazine together.

The overall design also falls under my responsibility, as well as the content. I’ve taken On Air in a different direction, made it bolder, cleaner, fresher, whilst still retaining it’s core values of promoting hospital radio. As a digital magazine, it needs to be accessible on all devices, and as such, has great interaction on social media with it’s own Twitter account.

I’ve also done some other design work for the HBA, including designing the postcard that awards delegates could take away from the recent National Hospital Radio awards.

What started out as a white background design:

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Turned into this, after a weeks worth of emails going back and forth, and final editing, finishing etc.

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Both my Publicity & Marketing roles for both organisations go hand in hand; and although they both come with their own respective challenges and responsibilities, they are both great fun and I thoroughly enjoy working in this creative environment.

So there you have it, a little insight into Life in Publicity & Marketing.

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