Heart debuted their latest advertising campaign during Britains Got Talent on Saturday Night, with a television advert that screams branding & feel good. 

The focus of the advert is simple. You’ve got a dad and a daughter. The dad is seen dancing and pulling some moves in various scenarios, including the gents loos. We see him in a car, on the bus, at work, and eventually at home, where his daughter grabs him as soon as he walks through the door to practice their routine.

This short thirty second ad really sells Heart as a radio station that’s full of feeling good, which is just as well, given that its the stations tagline. You can’t help but smile at the dad who is clearly pulling off those dad dancing moves, which would appeal to mums and families, who are Heart’s target audience – because everyone knows a dad who does that kind of dancing, it’s relatable.

The ad also highlights key places where audiences are most likely to listen to Heart. On the way to work, in a car, on mobile and of course, on digital/fm radio. This is a station that you can hear whenever and wherever you want. It’s also a station that will sound as upbeat and feel good at any time of day.

There’s also the subtle hint of red in every single shot. From the headphones the dad is wearing as he walks through the door, to the red wall, red socks, watch, door to the shot of the red radio, it’s brand aware, subtle references to the stations colours help identify the station, this also adds added warmth to proceedings, not only from the overall storyline, but these subtle hints too.

The child VO at the end emphasises the fact that Heart is a family station, and it’s refreshing to hear this – I think sometimes we in radio forget that everyone of all ages listens in. Sure, we have our target demographic and an audience we try to relate too, but there is a wider range of listeners who listen more than we think.

What’s new is the Global logo appearing at the end of the ad. We haven’t seen this on the companies other ads promoting stations like Radio X and Capital. Global in itself is a brand, a brand that owns stations including Heart. You will hear on air, every hour, reinforcement of the Global brand after the news “This is Heart, from Global”, or “This is Radio X, from Global”. It’s only right that they attach their logo to the ads to continue to grow the Global brand and to unify the network.

However, having said that, does the average listener really care who owns the station? You don’t see Bauer plastering their logo on magazines or referencing their name on their own stations. To the listener, Heart is Heart, Capital is Capital. Referencing Global could be quite confusing for some, but I suspect

It’s one of the brightest ads the station has aired on television in recent years, and certainly brighter when compared to it’s competitor who also recently released a new TV ad campaign.

Of course, lets not forget the kid at the end, who appears embarrassed at the dad dancing. I think he listens to Capital.

Watch the new Heart Advert Here.

One thought to “Heart’s New TV Ad”

  • Dave

    It would be nice to see Global run ads for their other stations that aren’t Heart or Capital. LBC, Gold, Smooth and X could all do with some advertising during prime time telly.


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