Banners In Context

If I were to upload the banners you see in the above images alone, you’d question the spacing, the gaps between images and ultimately wonder what in fact they were representing.

I’ve spent this afternoon adding new slideshow banners and refreshing older ones on the Hospital Broadcasting Association website. We’ve got a clear brand style we’re going for when it comes to the banners, although the website is yet to catch up with our brand guidelines which, as Communications Executive, I am pushing through slowly.

It’s a slow refresh to a revitalised brand and the banners are a great way to start. Simple, effective, uncluttered.

Even for special events such as the Annual Conference & National Hospital Radio Awards get the same branding treatment – but with their own purple branding beneath, this not only gives the HBA brand relevance, but focuses the attention to the particular event in hand.

Banners still have a place on websites, especially if they can resize depending on the platform you’re viewing them on, they’re an additional tool to convey information that’s important or relevant. If your website offers additional elements (Hyperlinks, captions etc), ensure you have these carved out in your Photoshop session, so you can align your imagery and graphics accordingly.

If your website template doesn’t come with a banner/slideshow image function already, there are plenty of alternatives on the web. I highly recommend Bannersnack – I’ve used them in the past and they’re great for beginners; offering a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) function, meaning you can input all your elements using their system and see exactly how the banner looks like before embedding it into your site.

But remember, they need to be clear and catchy to enable users to clickthrough on them. For banners, I’m a firm believer that “less is more” – you want to entice people to clickthrough, not bombard them with too much information at the first hurdle. Equally, it’s worth remembering we’re talking about slideshow banners for YOUR website – not advertising banners or wrap-arounds, that’s for another post on another day.

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