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There’s a YouTube documentary series I’ve been following since a KickStarter video appeared, about a couple visiting every train station in Britain. But this series is more than just about trains.

Geoff and Vicki, the masterminds behind All The Stations, have to visit ALL the national railway stations in Britain, with a timescale of just three months, funded by generous donors using KickStarter.

Geoff, a freelance video editor and Vicki, a museum educator, have already reached their halfway goal, in a series of ten to fifteen minute YouTube videos. But if you’re not a fan of the railways, don’t let that put you off watching, or getting involved.

Because, although the primary reason for this project is about visiting every railway station in Britain, we are seeing several things through their journey. We’re seeing their personalities shine through, the personalities of the places they visit, some really good marketing and some great use of social media.

Let’s start with social media. They’re not just on YouTube. They’re on Instagram, Twitter and have their own website. Each social media platform is being utilised to really bring out the best of their journey, in so many different ways. Stories on Instagram – in a snapshot of a handful of videos and photos, we can travel with them as they venture through the countryside, or walk along station platforms. On Twitter, they’re interacting with viewers and followers daily, engaging and answering their questions, even on occasion asking for lifts, using the power of social media to help them a little on their journey. Whilst on Facebook, special Live videos on location enable us to keep track of where they are in real time and make for great additional content.

Then of course, the website. I wrote a blog about the content of websites recently, and you get what it says on the tin. Interactivity, engaging maps for you to flick through, links to social media and even a blog – they’ve got it all going on!

We’re being treated to some sights of Britain many of us wouldn’t have seen. They’re visiting towns and cities we probably only ever pass through on a train, and it’s the personalities of the towns and cities, and the people who work or reside within them that they showcase so eloquently. It really is the people and personalities that make this series.

We’re also getting a glimpse into how train companies market themselves, their trains and their stations. Being a marketing man myself, I’ve watched the videos and there are some stations and trains that could do with a bit of a spruce up, but by and large each brand has it’s own distinct look and feel. Although I do feel having Alan Partridge on the window of a train does seem slightly odd. Not being knowledgeable on trains, those Northern Pacers/Sprinters could do with a bit of TLC on the inside, otherwise, I really quite like the simplicity of the London Midland brand, in terms of livery, station stop design and moquette.

Push all of that to one side however, and you’re left with Geoff and Vicki. Their personalities really, really shine through on these videos, and through everything they do. They’re enjoying it, it’s infectious. When one video finishes, we all await the next. When one Insta story ends, we want another. You can tell they’re having fun (most of the time, we’ll forget Peterborough), it’s hard to imagine this being done by anyone else, and if anyone else were to do it, they wouldn’t bring the same fun and energy that Geoff and Vicki do. And let’s not forget the hard work of the team behind the scenes; whom help them along the way to bring us the things we see daily.

Oh, they’ve also stormed the UK electronic genre chart on iTunes, overtaking Major Lazer to gain the #3 spot for their theme tune, which is also quite catchy. Here’s the Spotify link (Sorry, I don’t use iTunes!)

If you haven’t visited Oxford, they have. Watch their trip from Marleybone to Oxford here.

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