On Air & Behind The Scenes

Whether on air presenting radio, or behind the scenes working on creative content, here's what I get up to.


"A man at ease with his microphone". I present & produce fun & engaging radio programmes.

PR & Communications

I write press releases and work on marketing & communication strategies for print & online outlets.


I'm a Trustee of two charities in the UK, working locally & nationally supporting Hospital Radio.

Hear me on Radio Cherwell


My thoughts on all things media, creative & design. Oh, keep up with my news here too.

All The Personality

There’s a YouTube documentary series I’ve been following since a KickStarter video appeared, about a couple visiting every train station in Britain. But this series is more than just about trains.

Web & TV

Think Audience

You go to a radio station website. You expect to find a nice big “listen live” button and content that’s relevant to the stations target audience. Or at least, that’s what I thought.

Let's Talk

I can help you with your next creative marketing project; talk all things media with you or discuss all things hospital radio too. Simply get in touch, even to simply say hello!

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